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AsphaltArmor™ is specifically designed to protect your driveway, parking lot or roadway with the industries most durable,  high-performance coating. When coated, the treated surface is less susceptable to environmental exposure and high traffic. 

And best of all -

Asphalt Armor stays black and doesn’t fade over time!

commercial parking lotAsphaltArmor patent pending is like no other asphalt coating available on the market today. It is designed to protect your asphalt from damage from the traffic, chemicals and the environment.

Slows Oxidation - Sunshine, rain and fluctuating temperatures can cause havoc with your asphalt pavements causing the oil to oxidize, become brittle and crack. Asphalt Armors impermeable coating significantly slows the effects of oxidation from the environment.

Prevents Raveling and stripping – raveling, small particles in the asphalt mat that break loose due to traffic loading, and stripping, the oil wearing off the surface aggregates of asphalt, are both stopped from the application of AsphaltArmor. Scientifically developed to locks all the surface asphalt molecules together into one structure that is stronger and more durable than the individual particles.

“Don’t just seal coat it, Armor Coat it.”

 parking lot

AsphaltArmor is scientifically developed to quickly adhere to the asphalt surface, binding and trapping the molecules together forming an impenetrable structure that is one of the most long lasting asphalt coat sealing products on the market today.

Repels Oil and chemical spills – Asphalt is an oil-based product that is degraded quickly by other oils or petroleum-based product being spilled on it. Our non-petroleum based Asphalt Armor is not susceptible to such damage from petroleum based product. If oil is spilled on it, it can be quickly and easily cleaned up without damaging the underlying asphalt structure.

Goes on Black, Stays Black! – Since Asphalt Armors unique color comes from all organic black minerals and particulates, it does not fade in the sun like you might find with other seal coatings.

  • Organic minerals & particulates
  • Does NOT fade
  • Protection against chemicals
  • Protection against the environment
  • Long lasting
  • Repels liquids including oils and chemicals
  • Easy to clean!


TrackBond™ is an extremely durable high performance asphalt coating specifically designed to protect areas of extremely high traffic, heat and friction caused by high performance cars on asphalt racetracks. TrackBond™ was first developed to extend the life of the high wear corners on the racetracks at Spring Mountain Motor Sports. First placed in November of 2020 it is still providing the same protection and durability as it did on day 1.

NS fixes 7

TrackBond™ is most effective when it is placed within a few weeks of the track first being paved. It has the unique capability of protecting the asphalt pavement with a high-tech armor that is able to withstand the massive sheer stresses created from a hot racecar tire in a high-speed corner. Its unique formula perfectly matches the friction of the existing asphalt track, so your drivers feel no difference between entering or exiting the coated area of the racetrack. Since the corners are the first high maintenance part of a racetrack, you can expect many years of additional life from your new asphalt just with the use of TrackBond™.

“TrackBond™ – Durable and Dependable”

TrackBond™ can also repair damaged racetracks. If your racetrack corners are showing significant raveling and wear from repetitive racecar loading AsphaltArmor™ has the solution. We have fill materials that can be placed in larger voids prior to the TrackBond™ coating application to help level out the corners of your racetrack and extend the life for many years.

NS fixes 29

At AsphaltArmor™, we know time is money and everyday your track is shutdown is one less day of racing. Track Armors proprietary, patent pending, blend can be driven on within 18 hours of placement. Let us coat your track and you will be driving on a new, smooth, Armor coated racetrack the very next day.

If you want the longest lasting, highest performing armor coat available placed on your asphalt pavement, call Asphalt Armor today. Why just seal coat your asphalt when you can TrackBond™ it?

  • Extended life
  • Matches existing track characteristics
  • Repairs damages in racetracks
  • Repairs vehicle unloading area
  • Quick dry time
  • Creates smooth surface
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