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AsphaltArmor ArmorCoat

ArmorCoat is specifically designed to protect any asphalt surface with the industries most durable, high performance coating. 

ArmorCoat goes on black and stays black, doesn’t fade over time!

ArmorCoat's patent pending formula is like no other asphalt coating currently available. It is chemically designed to protect your asphalt from damage due to traffic, chemicals and the environment.

Slows Oxidation:

  • Sunshine, rain and fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc with your asphalt pavement, causing the oil to oxidize, become brittle and crack.
  • ArmorCoat's impermeable coating significantly slows the effects of environmental oxidation

Prevents Raveling and Stripping:

  • Raveling:  small particles in the asphalt mat that break loose due to traffic loading
  • Stripping:  the oil wearing off the surface aggregates of asphalt  

Chemically Designed for Asphalt:

  • Quickly adheres to the asphalt surface, binding and trapping the molecules together to form an impenetrable structure.

Repels Oil and Chemical spills:

  • Asphalt is an oil-based product that degrades quickly with the introduction of other oils.
  • Our non-petroleum based formula is not susceptible to such damage from petroleum based products.
  • If oil is spilled on it, it can be quickly and easily cleaned up without damaging the underlying asphalt structure.

Goes on Black, Stays Black:

  • ArmorCoats unique color comes from all organic black minerals and particulates.
  • Will not fade in the sun like you might find with other seal coatings.


ArmorCoat it!

  • Organic minerals & particulates
  • Does NOT fade
  • Protection against chemicals
  • Protection against the environment
  • Long lasting
  • Repels liquids including oils and chemicals
  • Easy to clean!

Pricing is modeled on a per square foot basis.  It is determined by the overall condition of the asphalt, whichs includes the asphalt porosity, how much detail work is involved, site prep/clean up and specific blend to match the surface needs.

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