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Asphalt Armor Rescue

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  • Asphalt surface severely degraded/heavy traffic area requires moderate to extensive repair/replacement of surface
  • Heavy raveling, spalling and loose aggregates are present.
  • Small to medium size potholes.
  • Heavy asphalt “aligatoring” is visible.
  • Trip hazards are of concern
  • Striping worn/not visible
  • Complete asphalt tear out/repave not financially feasible
  • Standard sealcoat will not provide adequate repair, strengthening of asphalt
  • Asphalt Armor Rescue helps repair the asphalt surface with our proprietary blend of materials and 2 step application process.
    • Crack fill will address large voids/cracks in surface.
    • Small/medium potholes will be filled and compacted
    • 1st coat of AsphaltArmor will provide coverage to fill smaller voids, build strength and flexibility, and set the base coat for the 2nd
    • 2nd coat of AsphaltArmor shall enhance the flexibility and strength of the surface, in addition to rejuvenating the overall surface color.

Before and After Photos

Rescue photos taken before and after our AsphaltArmor was applied.

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