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AsphaltArmor™ Rescue

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  • Asphalt surface severely degraded/heavy traffic area requires adequate repair/replacement of surface                
  • Heavy raveling, spilling and loose aggregates are present.
  • Small to medium size potholes.
  • Heavy asphalt “aligatoring” is visible.
  • Trip hazards are of concern
  • Striping worn/not visible
  • Complete asphalt tear out/repave not financially feasible
  • Standard sealcoat will not provide adequate repair, strengthening of asphalt
  • Asphalt AmorTM - Rescue will help repair the asphalt surface with our proprietary blend of materials and 2 step application process.
    • Crack fill will address large voids/cracks in surface.
    • Small/medium potholes will be filled and compacted
    • 1st coat of Asphalt ArmorTM will provide coverage to fill smaller voids, build strength and flexibility, and set the base coat for the 2nd
    • 2nd coat of Asphalt ArmorTM shall enhance the flexibility and strength of the surface, in addition to rejuvenating the overall surface color.
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